Commercial and Construction Litigation

Dan S. Barrett, PLC understands that you’ve invested valuable time, money and other resources getting projects and your business off the ground. When disputes arise, you need knowledgeable, effective legal representation that will help you resolve the impasse and allow you to get back to the business at hand.

Effective litigation requires a high degree of skill, experience and judgment. For over three decades, Dan S. Barrett, PLC has successfully represented a wide variety of construction and business interests in commercial disputes throughout Michigan. In many cases, the best strategy is to resolve business disputes without the risk or expense of trial.  That is why Mr. Barrett explores suitable opportunities for early resolution in every case through mediation, arbitration, or informal settlement, with trial being the last, but sometimes necessary, solution.  Mr. Barrett is aggressive, thorough, and, above all, practical in his approach.  His goal is to protect his clients’ interests in the most cost-effective way, positioning a case for trial or settlement.  Mr. Barrett is prepared to litigate a case from inception through trial and on to appeal if necessary in both state and federal courts throughout Michigan.

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